Here I am, burnin’…

Yup.  What can I say?  Another blog.  Ho hum?  Or maybe, hopefully, not so ho hum after all.  I guess time will tell…

Why a blog, you ask?  Aren’t there too many blogs/bloggers/blogger conferences/etc already?  The answer to the latter is easy: yes, there are tons of blogs & lots of people with a lot to say and a lot of pictures & ideas to share.  Are there too many though?  I don’t think so, although I say this with a bit of nail-biting anxiety.  I personally love procrastinating on my laptop, bouncing from one place to another, only to land at a new site altogether.  The scope of creativity in this world seems endless, and while I’m no creative genius, I’m really looking forward  to actively participating in this open, sharing community.

The answer to first question – why a blog – is a bit more tricky for me to answer.  I am a firm believer in sharing – sharing ideas, resources, good stories, pictures.  I love to write, and always have.  I love kinda like posting stuff on facebook, but continue to find myself annoyed when my ‘stories’ get cut off for being too long.  I follow a bunch of bloggers, and look forward to their posts, and hope with this blog to return the favor to my readers.  I have no clue who (if anyone) will read my posts, but I look forward to meeting new people, forming new friendships, and continuing to grow and learn from those around me.

So.  Here the cliff note version of me:  I love all things sugar.  I like to write.  I like to talk.  I like to tell stories.  I love to experiment, and I love to take pictures. I am married to the most patient man ever whom I adore.   I have three children whom I cherish, albeit sometimes through gritted teeth.  I do a lot of laundry.  I have two Corgis – Max & Eloise.  Max has bionic ears & should attend weight watcher meetings.  Under his yearbook picture, the quote would most definitely say ‘gizmo’.  Eloise has floppy ears, is quite svelte, and likes to dominate anyone & everything.  She would most likely wear a pink lady satin jacket for her Senior portrait, and would probably tell her friends that we should have named her superstar.

I’m a list kind-of a person.  In every pocket, handbag, nook in my car, in my phone,  on my night table & on clipboards & notepads all around the bakery, I have lists.  To Do.  To Order.  Don’t Forget.  DO NOT FORGET, PLEASE.  Apparently, I have a list for this blog too – I just found it on my ipad:

  1. Introduce myself.
  2. Introduce Babycakes & Confections
  3. Introduce my products
  4. Try not to ramble or bore people

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to cross everything off this list.  Number one – check.

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