A beautiful thing & a little giveaway

I was in a local paper store last night, and found a beautiful thing.  Something brilliant that is simultaneously whimsical, humorous & therapeutic.  I would like to introduce you to………


The Dammit Doll.


Read her message.  It’s very clear.

As peaceful and tranquil as many of us strive to be, let’s be honest:  Couldn’t we all use a little timeout session with nothing more than a little privacy and this doll?  It makes any temper tantrum so absurdly hilarious, that I imagine that the Dammit Doll really works magic.  One of my co-workers sure could have used her yesterday.  I’m going to keep Lady Dammit at work with me.  I have a feeling she’ll be very helpful during our upcoming holiday season.  I’ll let you know if we’re all able to share her, or if I need to get everyone here one of their own.

I personally can’t think of a better present for a friend than a Dammit Doll nestled next to a pack of cookies.  In fact, I’m so inspired right now that I’m going to offer the perfect stress-reduction package for one lucky winner.  I’ve been told by my media guru that all contests need to have some rules, so here goes:

1.  The contest will run for one week, starting now & ending on October 30th at midnight.

2.  To enter, just leave a comment about when you think the Dammit Doll would be useful & what kind of cookie would best suit that special Dammit moment.

3.  If you’re feeling so motivated, share this post on your facebook page & help me spread the word about babycakes and Lady Dammit.

4.  One entry per person please.

That’s it!  Pretty easy!  The lucky winner will get a package the first week in November.  Anyone in the US can enter to win.


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