I think about character a lot.  It’s paramount to me that my children grow into adults rich with character, good values, a sense of decency, curiosity, zest for life, and a deep appreciation and understanding of right vs wrong.  These traits are all vital to me as a mother, a wife, a boss and as a member of my community.  These days, we are all exposed…some might say over-exposed…by social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, texting, etc.  We no longer exist in a innocuous space, acting however we please with tall pine trees and white fences blocking others out from our proverbial homes and lives.  What we do (and don’t do) and what we say (or choose not to say) says volumes about what kind of character each of us has.

Today, I witnessed such a range of character, I continue to need to process everything.  My day began with disappointment, frustration and angst over work-related issues.  We are smack in the middle of the holiday baking storm and finding peace and optimism can be challenging at times.  Disheartened spirits + immense stress + lack of sleep does not make for a happy baker.

But then, I got the chance to step away from work and was able to attend my daughter’s prototype convention at her school.  Seventy plus children created products to sell, and showed their wares to and took sales orders from parents, teachers, younger children, grandparents and friends.

Remember this picture?

It’s my daughter, working at the bakery on her prototype: Candy Buttons.

She researched the recipe, designed her logo, learned how to use a mixer, tested recipes and flavors, directed & acted in her commercial, and today, sold her product. 

Here she is, working the buttons.

 Happy Emmy & Happy Eddie.  

It was a thrill to watch Emmy go through this process of formulating an idea & turning it into a delicious product.

The thrill continued when I received some pretty amazing news from my son Jacob.

Here he is with a sweaty (but good lookin’…as usshh) Sam at Sam’s lacrosse tournament at Harvard U a couple of weekends ago.

It continues to amaze me how much can change over the course of a day.  Perhaps the message for me is to keep marching forward, and don’t get distracted by disappointment and frustration, because at the end of the day, that stuff doesn’t matter.  What matters most to me is that I am beyond encouraged and inspired by my children, and by the character that they offer to their friends, families, schools & teams.  Thank you Emmy, Sam & Jacob for keeping it real.  xoxo

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