Exercise just might be bad for my health

As a pastry chef/business owner/mother, exercise pretty much never happens in my world.  My life is always hectic, and around the holidays, it morphs from busy to insane.  My schedule this November through Christmas was its usual crazy deal: wake-up between 2-3am, into work by 3:30, home between 6-8pm.  It’s been the same gig ever since I first started baking 20 years ago, and because I’m a freak, I love it.  Don’t get me wrong…I feel insane guilt over being a nonexistent parent & wife, and this guilt gnaws at me by the minute.  But, guilt aside, there’s an incredible sense of satisfaction that comes at the completion of the holiday season.  The highlight of this time of year is the fact that it always ends, and when it does, I rejoice and map out the ways I hope to spend my new-found freedom.

This year, I chose to celebrate by working out.

Turns out, that was a bad decision.


What started as a really fun workout quickly ended 20 minutes later when I landed on my ankle instead of my foot and immediately dropped to the ground.  The loud ‘pop’ sealed the deal, and I am officially (and stupidly) injured.


I am trying to stay positive, so here’s the good news:

  • I got in 20 really good, hard minutes of exercise & was sufficiently sucking wind for most of it before I ended up with ice on my ankle.
  • I happen to own a sweet scooter from when I had bunion surgery which has been upgraded with fun accessories by people who have borrowed it.
  • I am very adept at using my crutches & have figured out how to talk on my cell while crutching my way around my house.
  • I don’t have to think too much about what to wear: my ankle is so swollen, I’m quite certain it wouldn’t fit through the bottom of a pair of skinny jeans.
  • My friends are awesome: they bring me ice cream & care deeply about what tv series I watch while I’m stuck at home.
  • Eddie is the best nurse ever and deserves a trophy for patience.
  • My good ankle looks so pretty & svelte next to the kankle.
  • I don’t have to motivate to try to exercise anytime soon.
  • I now have time to get back to writing!  Lucky you.

To all you exercisers out there…do me a favor & proceed with caution.




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