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eddie & lois

It’s easy to sit here in my safe little bubble of a world and write a letter to my mother letting her know that I love her and appreciate her. I was surprised by the responses I received from my letter to Marge. For some reason, my perception of my writing is different from how others read my posts. Sometimes, I finish writing a post and feel satisfaction. My letter to Marge felt inadequate. It’s nearly impossible to capture everything I would like to say, and instead of seeing & feeling what I wrote, I hone in on the brevity, the missing information. As people contacted me to let me know they enjoyed the letter, I couldn’t help but think about everyone who has lost their mother and doesn’t have the opportunity to say a simple thank you, give a hug, or look at their mom and tell her that they love her.

I have not experienced this kind of loss, but I have witnessed it. The hole it leaves behind is excruciating, and I can only imagine that days like today exacerbate these feelings of sadness and loss. There is little any of us can offer to each other to make times like this easier, but I wanted to at least acknowledge that I am thinking of you.

Eddie’s mother Lois was one hell of a woman. She attacked life with spunk and her own brand of ferocious humor. The first time I met her I actually met her foot, not her face. Eddie brought me to Vermont to meet her & to ski. We arrived at his house late at night, let ourselves in and quickly went to bed. I woke the next morning to a foot in my face and a husky woman’s voice, asking me if I liked her new slippers. Not exactly a typical introduction for a future mother-in-law, but that’s how Lois rolled. She was honest (you look like a jerk when you ski with your arms out), she was opinionated (The Company Store is the only place to buy bedding), she was demanding (you. go vacuum.), she was fun (let’s shoot squirrels and have coffee) and she was determined to live life on her terms. Lois…you are missed.

For those who don’t have their mother’s here today, know that she is watching over you, she is in your heart, and she is in the hearts of everyone who knew her. She gave you exactly what you needed to carry on, and has filled you with enough love, support and tender care to carry you through so that you can pass it along to those around you.

Sending extra love your way today…


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