Gratitude. Day 6

Today I am grateful for colleagues and people who approach life with a collaborative, generous spirit.  Here’s our reality: we live in a wildly connected world.  We tweet.  We Facebook.  We email, text, snap chat, vine, you tube, blog, etc.  The communication and interaction is incessant.  There is a ton of information available on the internet, and yet, sometimes as a business owner, the world can feel like a very isolated, lonely space.

I can find a million recipes online and in cookbooks for a particular flavor cookie.  I can respond to a blog post and engage with the author about the recipe or the method, but can I really dive deeper and ask how he/she is running the company, whether they’re profitable, or find out what % of sales they spend on marketing or how they approach sales.  There’s still a line in the sand of information that can easily be perceived as ‘off-limits’.  There’s no question that there is a lot more information out there.  It’s there.  The real question is who has the guts to jump over that line, put themselves out there by asking the more personal questions, and which person on the other side of that line is ready & willing to meet the gutsy person halfway, grab their hand and help them land safely.

I have been very fortunate to have encountered some key people who consistently meet me with outstretched arms.

Today is their day.

Dave F of Ayla Networks

Mark F of Finneus Plastics

Mary Ann M from Lark Fine Foods

Theresa B of The Pie Guy

Kimberly G of Nashoba Brook Bakery

Peter M of McKeon Group

Joel F of Team Friedman

With Gratitude…




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