I am gifted…


I am gifted…

at being resistant to being a beginner
at not accepting and following advice
at learning any other way other than trial and error.
I am gifted…
at choosing unrealistic goals
and failing to understand  why
my dreams may be too lofty for my wingspan.
I am gifted…
in the art of bravado
of warrior-talking to others
and fear-whispering to myself.
I am gifted…
at believing that I can do it all
and that I can do it well
and thinking that there must be something wrong with me when I want to quit.
I am gifted…
at finding excellence in others
and helping humans soar
and with each take-off around me
feeling a pang from being left behind.
I am gifted…
at holding onto so many things
that no longer serve me
the way they once did.
And yet…
I am gifted
at being determined.
at always wanting to learn, to try, to grow
and, at finding the people I need
who will help me along the way
and, at being willing to fail, as long as I fail still sprinting toward that finish line.

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