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Let’s Talk About Food

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a live podcast event called ‘Let’s Talk about Food‘. Founded by Louisa Kasdon, Let’s Talk about Food brings people together through storytelling about food. Unlike politics, food stories resonate with others in ways many other topics cannot duplicate. I was one of eleven who shared a story to a room full of people.

  • Fun fact #1: It was the first time I have used a microphone. And my first time telling a story to a live audience.
  • Funny fact #2: At some point during my story, my left leg began shaking uncontrollably. I continued to tell my story while part of my brain was saying to the other part of my brain ‘what the hell is going on down there with the left leg?’.  Stage fright at its best.

The power of food and food-related memories is irrefutable. I remember listening to my father describe one of his favorite desserts to eat as a child in New York City…a slice of chocolate almond marble tea bread, ‘the kind where the chocolate part actually tasted like chocolate’ and the almond cake served only to accent the starring role of chocolate. I’ve tried to recreate this for him, and am still searching for the recipe that will come close to his memory.

When someone tries one of our cookies and says ‘this reminds me so much of something my grandmother used to make’, I become overwhelmed with joy. I am so grateful to be able to engage with people through stories about key lime pies, linzer heart cookies, chocolate, ice cream, and more. These are the connections and conversations that warm my heart.

Just thinking about the stories we could share with each other makes me smile. My hope is that in some small way, our lives become intertwined because of something as simple as a cookie, a doughnut muffin, or a piece of biscotti.

What is your favorite food memory? Please share…

Finally, snaps to Louisa for creating The Food Voice and for leading this effort…I’m in awe of what you have created




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