she be old


Today is the old girl’s birthday – 78 years young. While her physical age is quickly reaching the danger zone, Marge remains one of the most young at heart humans on this earth. Need an example? Last week, while everyone was watching a very tense lacrosse game, Marge had a group of people’s attention focused on her as she practiced skipping up and down the sidelines. Apparently, back in the day, she was a really good skipper…one of the best. While it’s hard to skip in grannie-shoes, Marge proved to herself and others that she’s still got it going on!

The picture above was taken during the semi-final game for lacrosse. Some people (like me) handle games by, I don’t know, cheering or even watching every play. Marge chooses to read, cued to cheer by those around her.  This picture represents who Marge is, as a person, a mom, a wife & a grannie: one way or another, she will be there to show her support. From clearing the shelves of Bisousweet products from multiple local stores to driving Emmy all over the place to coming to our house to keep the puppies company, Marge’s dedication to all things family is palpable every single day.

I love this woman. Check out Marge at the new WholeFoods in Westford, admiring Bisousweet products on display!

She’s the one person I can count on to tell me when I’ve made a grammatical error in a blog post, or who can detect when we switch brands of coconut (you should go back to the other kind you were using). A tireless believer in her children, Marge’s mantra for me is this – Mark my words…you’re going to make it. When my spirits are down and self-doubt creeps in, she is the one person who I can call, knowing that all I need to pick myself back up is a good dose of Marge.


Mom – you’re the best. Thank you for all that you do, and have done, for my family & me. I love you and hope you have a great day today. Wishing you a year filled with lots of visits with your children and grandchildren, especially your favorite child (it’s actually me, Dave…sorry. Ok, I know. It’s Eddie, but that translates to me by proxy). May your snuggles with the puppies by clean and hair-free, your encounters with the brown leaves on my plants brief, your re-location of my products in the stores non-existent, and our phone calls as frequent as possible.

Your favorite child –


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