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Summer Reflections

Hello friends – I’ve been thinking about you & wanted to write a quick update before the holiday weekend.

It’s been quite a summer. Between baking doughnut muffins, linzer hearts, our Grab & Go cookies and tons of biscotti, the bakery has been humming at a new pace. My summer ritual of riding in the PMC came & went, leaving me with the unexpected gift of experiencing the magic that can happen if I choose to slow down instead of automatically racing forward. 

When I slow down, I gain a new perspective and appreciation of life. I am wired to be competitive, to want to move quickly, to push myself and be the best I can possibly be. This has served me well over the years. And yet, I am aware of the details and experiences I miss when I prioritize forward momentum over all else. Thankfully, the universe has made sure that people and situations pop into my life, just at the right time, to remind me to sometimes choose to do the opposite of how I typically roll.

While I love driving forward, eyes fixated on the future, I discovered this summer the importance of taking moments to step off the treadmill to reflect.

  • 25 years ago, I began to learn how to bake.
  • 14 years ago, I started my business in my house.
  • 13 years ago, I signed up to ride in my first PMC.
  • 7 years ago, I started this blog.
  • 5 years ago Bisousweet shipped our first pallets to Whole Foods in this region, followed quickly by pallets of biscotti to Market Basket.

One cookie at a time, Bisousweet has grown, life lessons at each step of the way.

Two weeks ago, Bisousweet won Best Product in Bakery by Kings Food Markets and Balducci’s. The award, an adorable golden bear holding a shopping bag overflowing with groceries, is all the sweeter, all the more meaningful when I think of the long road I have walked and the many people who have joined me over the years to arrive at this moment.

The grand finale of the summer will air on WCVB on Labor Day at 7pm when Bisousweet will have a minute or two of fame on the series that highlights products that are… Made in Mass.

Wishing everyone a relaxing summer weekend. If possible, slow down and soak it in.

With gratitude for Team Bisousweet and my incredible support system 



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