Team Bob

That’s Bob F

In my head, I’ve written one hundred posts. In reality, not so much. 2014 may just be the year of the bullet-point blog post. Short. Sweet. To the point. The Cliff Note version of what’s new in the world of burning bread.

Here’s December:
* Prepping for the holidays – great post, except no time to type
* How to handle a last minute order of 4000 cupcakes
* Why last minute holiday shopping isn’t a good idea
* Work woes – the ups & downs of the holiday season coupled with relentless xmas music
* The Home Stretch – Finally, a chance to make meringue mushrooms
* And…we’re off! Hellooooooo California!

My New Year’s Eve’s post:
* Looking back, peeking ahead – this was really one of my better posts. I may
just have to write this one for real.

* Reminiscing & Regrouping – renewed focus meets the first obstacle: Inventory
* Team Bob

Wow – I’m all caught up!

So. Team Bob. This is a short & funny story that I hope everyone, especially all of those
‘Bob’s’ out there will appreciate.

I had a meeting yesterday at my new space to finalize plans & wrap up as many loose ends of the week as possible. It was one of the best meetings in a long time, because aside from financial responsibility, I had very little to do other than to raise my hand & ask ‘Is this my job??? No??? SWEET!’. Thankfully, I am surrounded by a very smart team of people…almost all Bob’s.

Bob M is overseeing the project. Bob F is in charge of equipment. There’s Bob the plumber, Bob the mason, & Bob the floor guy. Perhaps the funniest part of the meeting was when Bob F got a phone call and said – ‘oh, hey Bob…what’s up?’. By 4pm, tears were rolling because whenever someone asked a question, any one of us would casually say ‘don’t worry, Bob’s got that covered’.

This build-out is really surreal for me. I don’t have much experience with construction, which perhaps makes the transformation that much more visually striking. The original space was divided by a wall & both rooms seemed dark. Now, that wall is gone & everything is painted white. On Sunday, I was able to see the space in it’s entirety…I was blown away by the view. Two days later, the office is framed out as well as the employee room & the utility room. While I will always have a very special place in my heart for my kitchen in Stow & will be very VERY sad to leave, I have to say that I am really getting excited about what’s happening in Shirley.

Bob consulting with Arty

I will keep writing updates on the progress, but will try hard not to bore you.
In the meantime: Hey Bob…thanks!


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