Today is all about my co-workers

Last night everyone from work (minus two people – one sorta tall and one off for the summer to be with her family) came over for a rather impromptu cookout.  (That’s how we non-cookers do things.  We don’t plan ahead.  We just dive in face first and hope there’s water in the pool)  It would be impossible for me to write about gratitude today and not dedicate the day and this post to them.

I am so very grateful for the fact that everyone who works at Bisousweet feels like family.  I am grateful that we have come to understand and appreciate everyones’ quirks & idiosyncrasies.  I am glad that we can work together through multiple ingredient issues, machine malfunctions and other fun obstacles and make it to the other side, laughing.  I am glad that at the end of a long day, coming to my house to hang out with each other does not feel like a chore.  I am so happy that we can act like adults while competing in the bean bag toss championships.  I love the fact that while I am officially the boss, everyone knows who the boss ‘really’ is and respects that the word ‘boss’ is used very lightly at work, more in a tongue in cheek kind-of way.  I like that everyones’ significant others can join us and fit right in on the teasing, sarcasm and general shenanigans.  I love that we mutually hate fruit flies and take pleasure in plotting revenge.  I am more grateful than ever that our team is so strong, smart & talented that we can function without our fearless leader and still manage to fix the *%$#!@& depositor.  I love that everyone can squeeze into my office at the end of the day.  To chat.  Cuz we don’t get enough of that during the day, right?  Finally, I am grateful that everyone puts up with me…my on & off love affair with diet coke, my candy purchasing obsession, my consistently doing things that I should not be doing and the ups & downs of my stress (which range from 0 to 100 in the matter of one phone call or email).  To say that Bisousweet would not be what it is without each and every one of you is truly an understatement.

Extra Credit:

Eloise on Mt. Desert Island
Eloise at Cover Farm, Mt. Desert Island





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