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It’s finally here!  To say that I am thrilled to officially be in the land of Bisousweet is an understatement.  I have waited for this day for such a long time…pretty much since I realized I needed to re-brand, and I feel truly blessed to have had the help of so many different people to make this blog and website.

Kate Cunningham-Barske:  Thank you for your incredible design & vision for the Bisousweet brand.  Thank you also for connecting me to Ginny Warren & Sarah Wiesbrock.

Kristen Teig:  Thank you for your gorgeous photography & for capturing our vision

Jen Campbell:  You are a word goddess and an editor extraordinaire.  Now that my website is done, let’s talk shop for YOU.

Deb LaFlamme of For the Love of your Biz:  Thank you for wearing multiple hats during this project…from director, to sounding board, from friend to cheerleader, you kept the momentum going, gave honest feedback and kept us all on track.

Dantia Shenshew:  Thanks for keeping the kitchen running throughout all of this.

Enjoy –



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