A little about bisousweet...

"I see each cookie, each doughnut muffin, each biscotti as an opportunity to connect, to form traditions, memories, friendships."

– Karen Collins, Bisousweet Owner

Our Story

Our story is one of adventure, devotion and lots of butter and sugar. From Vermont to Massachusetts. From collecting cookbooks & cookie cutters to ‘just knowing’ a pastry kitchen was where Karen and her creativity and passion were meant to be. From being a founding owner of a successful bakery in 1998, to starting over on her own in her home kitchen in 2005, to building a 5,000 square foot bakery in Shirley, MA in 2014. Tucked into an old rope mill building in a quiet town, Bisousweet is a place that feels like home.

Our goal is simple and clear: Exceptional quality in our products and in our relationships. Every product we make is made with love. Bisousweet continues to grow and we proudly supply handcrafted baked goods throughout the Eastern United States. We recommend you get to know us with our doughnut muffins that are baked, not fried, and which taste like an old fashioned doughnut. From there, try our uniquely soft biscotti, our linzer hearts or another signature cookie. We have the ideal product assortment that allows you to indulge in a little Bisousweet every day.

Through the years...

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  • cake in the oven, buttercream in the mixer, and the sparkle of a thought that ‘maybe I could start a business’ 
  • the spark catches and Babycakes and Confections opened for business. 
  • menu items included custom cakes, cookies, pies, and if need be, tuna rollups
  • received ‘the call’ from a local gourmet market asking if I could make Passover desserts for them.
  • answered the only way I know how to…YES!
  • signed a lease to build out a tiny commercial kitchen in a hanger at a local airport 
  • moved into our first commercial kitchen – 6oo sq feet 
  • hired our first employee 
  • started selling to more wholesale accounts 
  • hired two more people 
  • expanded by selling to more stores throughout the Boston area 
  • received a cease and desist certified letter – ‘trade name infringement’ 
  • realized how grateful I was for attorneys
  • decided I needed to re-brand 
  • rebranded to Bisousweet Confections 
  • launched doughnut muffins at a local summer farmer market 
  • continued to grow/hire/bake 
  • purchased our first 80qt mixer 
  • purchased a bowl lift & realized when it was delivered that it was too tall for our current space 
  • made a pivotal decision to build a larger commercial kitchen 
  • moved into our brand new facility in Shirley, MA – 5000 sq feet 
  • got picked up by Whole Foods North Atlantic Region  
  • hired a Sales Director
  • new customers include Market Basket, Donelans, Roche Bros, Wegmans 
  • 2016 – awarded Local Bakery Culinary Artistry by Whole Foods 
  • product line consists of doughnut muffins (8 flavors), biscotti, cookies, cupcakes, rugelach, whoopie pies, pies, seasonal cakes
  • new customers include Whole Foods in North East Region, Shop Rite, Kings and Balduccis, NY/NJ/CT stores 
  • awarded ‘Bakery Supplier of the Year’ by Kings and Balducci’s 
  • streamlined product line to handle production 
  • new customers include Big Y, The Fresh Market & more to come! 
Bisousweet Bakery Branding

“My passion has
always been about
creating sweets that
become treasured,
memorable experiences.”

Delicious Sweet Joy

I knew I wanted to be a pastry chef when I discovered my mother’s small collection of cookbooks on a shelf in our den. I fanned through the pages, searching for the chapters dedicated to cakes, pastries, pies and more. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I finally landed on the sweet section, and everything in my body relaxed in an exhale filled with awe.

No path in life is direct.

From sitting crossed-legged on the floor looking at pictures of desserts, to asking permission to make a cake from a cookbook instead of from a box, to trying to convince my teacher that the New York Times Cookbook was an acceptable and appropriate book for my book report, all I knew is that I loved baking. I loved reading about baking. I loved reading stories about ingredients. I coveted food-related catalogues, ripped recipes out of magazines and drooled over everything for sale in Martha by Mail. I became obsessed with copper cookie cutters and doodled pictures of wedding cakes in the margins of my math notebook.

The first time I entered a real pastry kitchen, I didn’t want to leave. I offered to wash dishes and to work for free in exchange for baking lessons. It seemed like a good deal to the pastry chef, and when she said ‘sure’, my life changed. Two weeks later, the chef didn’t show up for the early bake. Instinct took over. I tied on my apron, turned on the oven, and got to work. 

That was 1994.

In 1998, I co-founded a bakery in West Concord, Massachusetts.

In 2004, when things besides the sourdough started to turn sour, I walked away and wondered what I might do when I grew up. I found the answer in my kitchen at home, surrounded by butter, sugar, flour, a mixer and an oven.

My passion has always been about creating sweets that become treasured, memorable experiences. Everything we do at Bisousweet is steeped in deep reverence for our products, our team, our customers and our commitment to joy.

Nothing spreads more quickly than Delicious Sweet Joy.

We proudly supply the same handcrafted treats I baked in my home kitchen throughout the East, South and as of September 2020 in California as well. From our irresistible baked doughnut muffins to our uniquely un-biscotti like biscotti, we have the ideal product assortment that allows everyone to indulge in a little Bisousweet every day.

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Now that you know us – have a little fun, eat with your eyes, & fill your bag with all the tasty treats!