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You know that friend who has it all together? Yeah. That’s not me. What I can offer you instead are my experiences, insights, and passions. Pithy observations about making cookies. Wry commentary on running a business. Loving (if slightly sarcastic) parenting advice. And if that doesn’t interest you, I have dogs. Cute ones.



Birthday thoughts 2021

Today marks #51. After all of the festivities typically associated with ‘the big birthday’s’, those mile markers, I knew that 51 would low-key. A natural continuation of walking down the path of being a 50-something year old.

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Emmy on the beach

Dear Emmy…

In the quiet of the house memories knock rapping at the door standing on tiptoes trying to peek inside

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a little heart story for you

From the moment I started baking, I have been solving problems. Some might say the problems are endless. Indeed, there are many days when I dig my non-existent nails into my palms and silently pray for the baking goddesses to save us.

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