We never quite know what to expect when the phone rings at the bakery. Could be anything.

An automated call asking if we’re interested in funding.

A supplier with information about raw materials.

Our Sales Director reaching out to connect with our Production Planner.

A customer looking for help ordering biscotti.

My mother.

Another customer with feedback.

Last month, our phone line was graced when we received a call from a gentleman who lives in Georgia. He purchased our Maple Apple Doughnut Muffins in Whole Foods and brought them to his wife who has Alzheimers. 

Three words: ‘She lit up.’

Our hearts melted.

He called the store to see if he could order more doughnut muffins. Unfortunately, they were unable to help him. His next call was to us. 

He shared his story. Finding our doughnut muffins as he wandered into the store. Picking up the container and thinking, well now, these look different. Putting two in his cart. Breaking into one on his drive home, eating three. Giving the other container to his wife. Watching as she enjoyed the flavors. And now, trying to find more. 

We sent him a care package, shared his story with our team, and reveled in the moment. 

None of us knew that the story was the beginning of a friendship. The gentleman called back. I spoke with him about business, life, family, entrepreneurship, difficult decisions, showing up for others, finding gratitude and connection in the smallest of things. 

These tiny moments of being human with one another slowly weave together and create a blanket where all feel embraced and loved. 

In this season of gratitude, I am humbled and honored to be able to participate in so many of these moments. From every member of The B Team who has worked tirelessly this past year to keep us moving forward to my friends and family who laugh with me (or at me in some cases…all well deserved) to our customers who keep us motivated and real to our suppliers who bend over backwards to help keep the raw materials flowing into our bakery…these are the ingredients that have created a beautiful recipe connecting us to each other. 

Wishing everyone good health and much happiness this holiday season.

With gratitude –



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