Lovin’ this Sweet Season!

Hello & Happy December! 

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Living in New England, I look forward to the cold weather and everything that comes bundled with the season. From crackling fires to gathering with friends and family, December is when we are embraced by traditions AND have the opportunity to create new ones.

It’s also a time that has the potential to be brimming with stress.

My message to you, and to me, is to remember to take time to enjoy the season. Be a part of those traditions and help create new ones. Participate. Step out of the mayhem, turn on some music, and slip into a new holiday mode.

One of the most rewarding ways of finding those sparkly moments of connection is through the act of giving.

Baking for others is our way of giving.

Our gift to everyone today is this: 20% off our treats purchased from our online shop from December 1st through December 17th. The coupon code is sweetholiday!

We hope this makes your holiday season that much sweeter.

Have fun making memories…one cookie at a time!



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