It’s all in the name. 

Sooooo….why the hell did I pick one that is so hard to pronounce?

It’s a good question. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good answer.

Way back when, and for reasons I’m grateful no longer trigger a panic attack, I needed to come up with a new name for the business. The original name was Babycakes, a name that honored my three children. Finding something to replace a name that held so much meaning felt insurmountable. Every word I saw throughout the day became a potential candidate. Street names, ingredients, towns. 

Months passed with no progress, and I began to lose hope. 

And then, out of nowhere, a spark of an idea. 

Bisous: the French word for kisses

Sweet: my life’s purpose

Combined, Bisousweet. The new name of my company.

It was thrilling. 

And then, I stood wide-eyed watching as folks attempted to wrangle the letters into something they could pronounce.

My team and I have heard it all. 



Bi, uh, um…cough….ah



It was never my intention to make it so difficult, and I happily welcome and embrace all versions I hear. For those who are still curious, however, just think of it like this:


With admiration & respect for all who dare to give our name a whirl…



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