For all the mums…

I have always firmly believed that each of us possesses the ability and the right to grab that ‘title’ of mother. It’s not about gender, pregnancy, or age. 

When you care for someone, you love like a mum.

At Bisousweet, ‘caring’ is one of our core values. We put our full hearts into everything we bake with the sole purpose of hoping the person picking up our product in the store feels loved and special when they see, taste, and hopefully share what we bake. In every way, our mission of offering comfort, care, and connection through our baked goods is the essence of what it means to be motherly.

To all of our customers…
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We are lucky enough to get to do what we do because of YOU! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your celebrations and for letting us sweeten your Mother’s Day!

To the Bisousweet Team
Thank you for joining me on this epic journey known as Bisousweet. We have all been mother, mothered, motherly, mothering, and recipients of all of the above. Every Doughnut Muffin you bake and every Linzer Heart you package, you show up for me and for every single Bisousweet customer. You are the true heart and soul of our company, and your extraordinary efforts humble me to the point where I have no words.
(Well…almost no words.)

To my mother, lovingly known as Marge...
You’re the best. My own personal version of 911 with a freezer full of Bisousweet, just in case.

To my children
I love you! Always remember…cookies make everything better.

To my family and friends
If I could bake my heart out for each of you, you know I would. Doughnut Muffins for everyone!!!!

Wishing everyone the happiest Motherly Day ever!



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