a new year, a new word

Hello all & Happy Happy 2023!

It feels luxurious to carve out time from the usual chaos to sit, reflect, and write. Thank you for taking time out of your own chaos to join me here.

In an ideal world, I would have prepared this post mid-December and had it ready to go just on the cusp of the new year. Something to aim for at the end of 2023.

One of my favorite year-end customs is choosing a word, or words, for the upcoming year. For folks who may not be familiar with this tradition, a ‘brief’ background (aka, long-winded as usual).

Five years ago, a coach/mentor/friend encouraged me to choose one word to help guide me throughout the year. I remember the struggle of choosing a single word. I wanted to make sure it fully embodied everything I wanted to do, the person I wanted to be.

Teeth clenched, I dug into my homework and came up with the most rigorous, steadfast words to keep me grinding throughout the year.





Each word felt appropriate and weighty, a stark reminder that I prayed would help me ‘be better.’

I shared them with my coach and searched her face for a reaction.

Unable to contain myself, I dove in and asked her which one she thought was best suited to set me up for success.

With a twinkle in her eye, she answered with a question of her own. Would I like to hear the word she picked for me?

Hell yes! 


I was stunned. 


Sparkle? As in…glitter? Fanciful? Fun?

This was work.

Serious stuff.

Oxford shirts and uncomfortable blazers.

There’s no sparkle in business.


Fortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I chose sparkle that year and clung to it during difficult days. It was the perfect word because it lifted me above the noise in my mind. Sparkle offered hope, made me smile, reminded me to enjoy the process of finding solutions to difficult problems. Sparkle was my invitation to LIVE.

Five years later, I still love the process of contemplating different words, trying them on for size, and giving them time to marinate in my brain and my heart. After much consideration, I’ve landed on a word for 2023 that I know will carry me throughout the year.

drumroll please

My word for 2023 is…


(smiling on the inside for so many reasons)

There’s nothing this quiet, shy, introverted extrovert loves more than breaking into a spontaneous dance…er…gallop. GALLOPING will be my reminder to not take things too seriously. To have fun. To let loose & give myself permission to be my authentic, awkward self. 

What’s even better is that galloping is contagious.

Proven fact. I have the data.

Friends don’t let friends gallop solo.

While I’m setting a galloping trend and donkey dancing my way into 2023, I encourage you to choose your word. Share the tradition, share your word, and get ready for an incredible year.

Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year. I hope you feel like you’ve landed in 2023 wearing your dancing shoes!



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