Dear Emmy…

Emmy on the beach

In the quiet of the house
memories knock
rapping at the door
standing on tiptoes
trying to peek inside

I open the door
and am flooded
carried away
as if plucked from earth
and carefully placed
on the top
of a magnificent wave

20 years ago

Our family was blessed
by the birth
the one & only
Margaret Emerson Witt

A girl.

She was what our family needed
she brought fire to the water
flair and panache
drama…in all its glory and its burn

She opened my eyes

She taught me
how to be

The importance of
honoring milestones
taking time
to make others
feel loved

She taught me
how to be

She taught me
how to show up
with my heart

She taught me
how to play nice
in the kitchen
as she learned how to bake
to give her space
to learn
on her own

She taught me patience
a lesson I continue to learn
every day

She tried to teach me
how to dance
suffice it to say
there is unfinished business
in this area
of my personal development

She taught me 
to understand
when to listen
when to advise
how to listen
how to advise
and when it’s best
simply to sit
side by side
in silence

She taught me
how to tuck my moods aside
so that there was
enough space
for her moods to exist

The learning goes both ways

I taught her about
down vests
a tip or two about baking
pie dough & lattice
that ice cream is always better
with sprinkles
when to listen
when to offer advice
how to listen
how to offer advice
letting things go
being generous
giving back
and walking through life
an open heart
and an open mind

To my daughter
my youngest child
my friend
my fierce girl…

Wishing you
the happiest of days
and a rich 20th year

may you continue to be brave
may you continue to explore
may you continue to learn
may you continue to laugh
and may you always remember
just how deeply
you are cherished
by me
by your family
by your friends
by your pups
and by those
whose lives
you have touched


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