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You know that friend who has it all together? Yeah. That’s not me. What I can offer you instead are my experiences, insights, and passions. Pithy observations about making cookies. Wry commentary on running a business. Loving (if slightly sarcastic) parenting advice. And if that doesn’t interest you, I have dogs. Cute ones.


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December 31st…well, didn’t you sneak up on us out of nowhere. It’s amazing to think we’re on the final day of 2021.  I’m conditioned, like so many of us, to kick into reflection around this time of year. Instead of looking forward, I turn my head and gaze over the past 365 days. It’s hard to absorb everything. The good, the struggles, the surprises, the blessings. Part of my brain urges me to stop looking backwards and to focus solely on what lies ahead. In the discomfort, I wonder why it’s so hard at times to press pause. I am used to fighting my way toward the new year. Plow ahead. Keep going. Don’t look back. The past couple of years have been different.  I’m not quite sure when this mindset shifted toward a much softer approach to landing my feet in the new year. My guess is that it

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