Walk Out of Darkness


This Saturday, two Acton Boxborough high school seniors are hosting an Out of The Darkness Walk to honor the losses of lives by suicide our community has experienced. This is their Senior Project, and when I heard about it, I reached out to them to ask if there was anything I could do to help. We met, came up with an idea, and today the project nears completion on my end. I would like to introduce our very special semi-colon heart cookies.


The colors of suicide prevention and awareness are purple and teal. The semi colon in the middle represents Project ; .

To find out more information about the walk happening this Saturday, please click HERE.

These cookies will be for sale at the walk & all proceeds will go to the cause.

I am filled with pride and awe for these young women and all that they have accomplished. Their fundraising goal for the walk is $30,000. As of 1:32 pm on Wednesday, April 26th, they have raised $28,985. Please join me and help them surpass their goal.

Donations can be made HERE.

Sometimes in the wake of hopelessness, all it takes is one person having faith and hope to change the momentum of an entire community.

With love, gratitude and respect for everyone who has worked toward this effort –


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