21 Blessings

21 years ago in the middle of a blizzard, a tiny four pound, eleven ounce baby was born. His due date was in May, but this little person had different plans. I should have known right away that this was not going to be a typical parent/child relationship. He was always five steps ahead of me, forging his own path.

On this very special day, I would like to offer 21 blessings to my oldest child Jacob, and to everyone reading this post.

  1. May you always know how much you are loved
  2. May you always be safe.
  3. May you always remain inspired and ignite the same in those around you.
  4. May you be compassionate, kind, and generous.
  5. May your days be filled with gratitude.
  6. May you always keep an open mind and an open heart.
  7. May you always remember to be an observant listener
  8. May you always treat others with utter respect.
  9. May you always be willing to take risks, to push yourself, to be a leader.
  10. May you trust others enough and learn how to follow with enthusiasm and encouragement.
  11. May you remember to be humble.
  12. May you remember to be patient.
  13. May you always have a book tucked under your arm.
  14. May you remember to take time to relax.
  15. May you be the one who holds the door open for others.
  16. May you lose with grace.
  17. May you be willing to stand up for those who need help.
  18. May you remember your roots.
  19. May you understand that it’s just as important to show up for the big occasions as it is to reach out for no reason at all.
  20. May you remain insatiably inquisitive.
  21. May you live a long, meaningful, blessed life.

Love you so much –



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