Bartlett’s Family Garden & Market


Bartlett’s Family Garden & Market, located at 578 Boston Post Road in Sudbury, is the cutest little treasure of a shop.  J. P. Bartlett Co., Inc. is a fourth generation family owned eight acre greenhouse facility located on its’ original site. The business originally provided plants for other garden centers and landscapers, and recently opened the Bartlett’s Family Garden & Market to offer the general public access to their plants, flowers & veggies. The best news? They are now offering Bisousweet products!

I love this!
I love this!

I am a sucker for indoor plants, almost border-line obsessed. Outdoor stuff bewilders me, and now that I live with Wilson the Excavator, I have little ambition to try to make the plants outside of my house flourish. My indoor plants are my babies. Way back in the day when I was baking in my house, I would put something in the oven and then walk into my living room to take care of my plants. Here’s how bad it used to be: I would have dreams that one of my plants was turning brown. No nightmares about kids getting hurt or sick or cookies burning in the oven. Nope. All of my anxiety somehow found it’s way to fretting over my plants in my dreams.


I am so glad to have found a new destination for all things green & flowery.


Any fellow plant-lovers/gardeners out there? Any suggestions on how to turn me from an indoor chick to someone who can deal with the stuff outside? I would love to hear what your favorite plants are and where you like to shop. In the meantime, if you’re anywhere near Sudbury, don’t forget to stop by Bartlett’s!

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