Because of you…

As we head into these last two days of 2020, I want to send a huge thank you to our customers and to The B Team. Because of you, we found pockets of hope and connection during this challenging year.

Because of you, we are donating $5,000 today to The Boston Resiliency Fund from all of the Hearts for Heroes The B Team made and YOU purchased.

Because of you, we found our purpose and stayed focused on delivering comfort and connection when so many of us craved both things.

Because of you and the emails you sent encouraging us to keep going, the door of our bakery is covered with hearts containing your messages.

Because of you, we kept going.

They say overcoming challenges makes you stronger. I know this is true. I’ve witnessed this in the bakery with my co-workers. With students coping with new landscapes for school. With small local businesses pivoting and finding ways to keep going. With families facing unbearable situations and losses.

I am so grateful for everyone who has traveled with us during this past year and over the years. Because of you, I am filled with thanks.

May 2021 bring peace, good health, joy and laughter to everyone.



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