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There’s a new movement floating around social media these days, and it’s pretty thought-provoking. It is the #embraceambition by the Tory Burch Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting ‘the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in the United States.’ Being female & an entrepreneur, I was immediately curious to find out more.

After some research, I wanted to join. The focus stitches together female strength, drive, ambition, and dreams with sisterhood. It’s more than ‘I am woman, hear me roar.’ It’s deeper than that, because it layers the empowerment of an individual woman with a dedication to uniting all women together in a supportive community.

The reality of life these days is that it’s really easy to morph from a ‘nice person’ into someone who openly mocks or criticizes others without hesitation. I understand how someone else’s success can feel unsettling or threatening, especially if you happen to view it through the lens of ‘there is not enough room for everyone to be successful’. I see it daily as I scroll through Facebook & Instagram. It’s destructive and it serves no purpose other than to put negative energy out in the world. In light of this, I find it utterly refreshing to see something like the #embraceambition cause that unites women.

Underneath the critical message promoting a supportive sisterhood among women is something very tender for me. It can be described using many different words – Self-confidence. Ambition. Empowerment. Pride. I didn’t realize how difficult this part would be for me until I started creating my own #embraceambition photo. It was a simple exercise…upload a photo and pick a word to describe yourself. This required finding a picture of myself that I didn’t hate AND choosing a word that I could tolerate. Surprisingly, the picture part wasn’t too hard. Choosing the word was a different story.

  • TOUGH:  I quickly dismissed this one. I can be tough at times, but someone who is really tough battles cancer or survives major trauma or loss.
  • VISIONARY: I admire people who can look beyond the existing structures and create new landscapes, but I would never consider myself this type of person. I’m much more grounded in that which I already know.
  • FOUNDER: Yes, I can be considered a ‘founder’, but it’s not a word I would ever use to describe myself or my role in life.
  • BOLD: ummmmm, no.
  • BOSS: Technically yes, and yet…I frequently feel like the Weak Link. Pass
  • CEO: Again, yes, but not the word that I feel like captures the essence of who I am and who I want to be.
  • MOTHER: Yes, x3. x6 if you count the puppies. I relish being a mother, and seriously considered picking this word. I decided against it because it’s one part of who I am…I wanted to find a word that encompassed all parts of me, not just one.
  • CHAMPION: Lord, no.
  • AMBITIOUS: Yes, but in my head, people who are ambitious clearly know where they want to go. I know with my heart that I always want to keep moving forward, but beyond that, everything gets hazy.
  • STRONG: Yes. I can accept strong. Strong works for me. Strong it is.

What’s your word? I would love to hear what you would pick, and encourage you to check out the page, take the pledge, and join this movement.



I will:
Embrace ambition.
Proudly articulate my ambition. Not hide it.
Defend women who are criticized for being ambitious.
Dream big. Not justify my dreams.
Help all women to embrace their ambition.

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