Employee Spotlight of the Month – Sam Linstrom


One of my goals this year is to return to highlighting each member of The B Team. This month, I would like to introduce you to Sam Linstrom. Packager by day, make-up artist/student by night, Sam is, in every way, the glue that keeps this bakery together. A yellow lab puppy in a previous life, Sam has the energy, enthusiasm and vocal chords that could motivate a small village. She is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I have ever met. A devoted giver, Sam is ‘that friend’ who catches every little random comment and follows through on it by handing out small, stealth gifts. I mentioned I like peppermint. Within a week, Sam handed me a white envelope containing a Gibralter, one of the best pieces of candy I have ever consumed. When I was sick, I received a fairy bag of remedies. On a random Tuesday, a string of cookie cutters appeared on my desk. The best present to date has been a video she made, exclusively for yours truly, showing me how to apply make-up since I continue to be challenged in that area.


Clearly, make up in an area where Sam literally shines. Sam has always loved make up, and is particularly drawn to special effects. Last year, Sam decided to pursue her passion and is currently enrolled in a Make up Academy. Her goal is to be a certified special effects make up artist.


Sam said that what she loves the most about make up is that it’s an escape. Ideas are constantly percolating in her mind and she never gets tired of exploring all facets of this art form.


She said the hardest thing to do well with make up is ‘drawing teeth’ and symmetry. ‘The good thing is that nature isn’t perfect.’


Sam started working at Bisousweet during the Summer of 2015. Her sister Erica, aka ‘shorty’, is the kitchen manager. One busy week, Erica called in reinforcement otherwise known as her entire family. Sam helped for a couple of days. ‘I was so overwhelmed by the high volume…everyone knew what they had to do, and they were all in sync – it was totally foreign to me. Early in 2016, ‘a nice lady’ offered me a job, and I’ve been here ever since.’

Here are some fun facts about Sam:

What is your favorite food? Chicken Pot Pie with pearl onions

What would be the perfect gift for you? Books or anything make up related

What’s your favorite book genre?  Fiction

What was your favorite treat as a child? Frozen grapes and anything sour.

What do you always have with you? A book & chapstick

Do you have a favorite emoji? I love the laughing so hard I’m crying one. I will say, though, that there’s a missing emoji…someone needs to make a guinea pig.

Do you have any pets? Yes – I have a baby guinea pig named Sunny.

What’s your favorite Bisousweet treat?  Ummmmmmmm….I love the coconut macaroons, the ginger molasses cookies, and the Chocolate Doughnut Muffins!

What do you like to do when you’re not a packager? I love to prowl Target. I also love to make soap, read, write, and obviously, do make up.

What’s your dream job?  (cue shy smile) I would love to write a book, turn it into a screenplay, act in the movie and do all of the make up on the set.

Do you have a theme song? If I did, the title would be ‘you do you’.


Family is the most important thing to Sam – ‘forever & always’. What I love most about Sam is the fact that she has created a second family here at the bakery.


Sam…you keep doing YOU. We love you!!!

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