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For Kelly & her family

Kelly McKeon

For Kelly McKeon


when life becomes incomprehensible

and deepest fears become real

and breath feels impossible and wrong

know that you are loved

when dreams are shattered

and days feel surreal

and nights endless

know that you are not alone

when the loss is unimaginable

and everywhere and nowhere

and nothing makes sense

know that you are supported

when a child of God is taken too soon

and parents are left behind

and siblings too

know that she will forever be with you

when you question everything

and comprehend nothing

and feel utterly lost

know that you are now protected by an angel

when grief becomes anger

and anger turns to sadness

and sadness leaves you numb

know that love will once again flow through you

and when motion feels unbearable

and your body wants to stop

so that you can lay down next to your child

your sister

your granddaughter

your niece

your cousin

your friend

your everything…

know that God will be there to carry you

to comfort you

to love you

to help you find your way

Sending peace & love to Kelly’s family & friends



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