I’m gonna be a cooker!

Baby pea tendrils with kamut, radicchio, blueberries and a citrus dressing

Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a cooking class at Kitchen Outfitters in Acton, MA run by Catherine Walthers, author of Raising the Salad Bar, Kale, Glorious Kale, Greens, Glorious Greens, and Soups & Sides.

Being somewhat of a hermit, I was hesitant to go & had a million distractions…work, puppy, kids, laundry, my son’s bike ride, etc.  My friend Susan, the namesake for our Pecan Susans, treated me to the class, and knowing me well, politely said – ‘we’re going’, and that was that.  Little did I know what an incredible night it would be.

I cook in waves and I eat in waves.  This week has been a good one for me on both fronts…I made a slow cooker chicken dish for quesadillas, tried a new marinade with cilantro, honey, lime and cayenne, and have steadily made my way through my refrigerator and the small box of veggies I got from my first CSA.  The class last night was so inspiring, I anticipate my latest run of culinary adventures to last well into the next week or two.  After work, I’m heading right to Idylwilde Farm.  Cannot wait!

I will be brief: I highly recommend checking out Catherine’s website, and purchasing at least one of her cookbooks.  It is the perfect gift to treat yourself to at the outset of summer.  If you need more reasons why, just check out these pictures from last night:  If these images don’t make you want to buy the book & run to your local farm to pick up ingredients so you can make something spectacularly delicious & easy for dinner, then maybe you should buy the book for someone who loves you enough they will prepare a salad or two for you.  And, don’t forget to stop by Kitchen Outfitters while you’re out shopping for those essential tools you will need…my favorites are the mini whisk for whipping up dressings, my ceramic knives & the gorgeous apron my dear friend gave me for my birthday this year.

Enjoy & happy cooking!


Kale and Farrow with lemon, strawberries, dried cranberries & feta.
Best pasta salad ever…fresh tomato, mozzarella, corn & basil with a light refreshing garlicky dressing.
Baby kale salad with nectarines & feta



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