It’s a sad day today.

There are so many different types of people in this world. There are those who march forward with purpose toward their destination. There are those who are indecisive, those who worry, those who are angry, those who are happy, those who are social, those who like to prefer solitude, those who constantly seem to question themselves, etc. The list goes on & on, and the lines defining people are messy and ever-changing. What worries me, however, is that in the current state of our world, we are forced into second guessing ourselves more than ever.

Like so many others, I am still reeling from the events yesterday at the Boston Marathon and am desperately trying to make sense of it. The only problem is that I can’t make any sense of it on any level. I cannot comprehend how a celebratory event, a historic event filled with challenge, goals, competition and the thrill of accomplishment became so horrific so quickly. Like so many others, I checked in with my friends who were running to make sure they were safe as well as their families. And then, it slowly dawned on me that I not only needed to check in with my friends in the race, but with pretty much everyone I knew. So many people line the route to cheer on the athletes, regardless of whether they know a participant or not. Anyone could have been there.

Here’s my question: how should we move forward? Do we move forward, as before, with purpose and determination, regardless of what could potentially happen? Do we second guess ourselves and our desire to go catch a game, or see a concert, or attend an inauguration? While I wish I was brave enough to firmly announce that I will continue to live life as I always have, I’m not so sure I am really that courageous. And this is probably why terrorism works…it makes us view our lives differently. It forces us to contemplate the risk in living life to its fullest.

My heart is so heavy today. I am filled with grief for those who lost their lives yesterday. I am filled with worry and well wishes for those who sustained injuries. I am filled with sorrow for all of us that our world feels so precarious these days. I will continue to try to find hope, good, faith, but on a day like today, this seems like a daunting task. xo

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