My love for you spilleth over.


Valentine’s Day is finally here!

The bakery has been jamming…literally…making linzer hearts in preparation for this day. The kitchen team decided we needed to keep track of 2015 ‘firsts’ – there’s a piece of parchment paper hanging in the break room where we’re keeping track of new milestones. The top of the list is the number of hearts we baked in the past month.

24,952 to be exact.

24,952 hearts cut out by hand.

24,952 almond meringue borders piped by hand.

24,952 jam centers piped by hand.

3,838 bags of cookies labeled & loaded by hand.

3,838 pieces of ribbon cut & tied onto each bag, again, all by hand.

340 boxes made, labeled, sealed & delivered.

It’s truly mind boggling, especially if you’re holding the piping bag or staring at 4000 blank bags and rolls of ingredient labels.

And, when you’re making that many hearts, there are bound to be some bloopers.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


Relish the misfits.


Gotta love all natural jam that’s ‘oven-stable’…


May your day be overflowing with lots of hearts.


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