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Have you ever asked yourself what change you hope to make? It’s a question I can easily imagine being posed to doctors, politicians, educators, attorneys, musicians, therapists, coaches, athletes and more, and my guess is that the answer is very clear for many. I was recently asked this question with regards to Bisousweet, and I have to say, it made me pause.

I want to make it easy for people to have great desserts at a reasonable price.
I want to help people feel happy.
I want to help people by creating something that could easily and effortlessly be used as a little gift of love.

Yes, all of this is true, but do these things qualify as ‘change’? If I really think about it, anyone can buy a pint of ice cream (which in my opinion is always a great dessert) and the problem of figuring out an easy dessert is solved. I needed to go deeper if I wanted to find an answer.

And so I kept thinking. And what I realized is that the change I’m hoping to make with Bisousweet is to become a part of your family’s lives and traditions.

There is an undeniable connection between food and memories. Your grandmother’s matzo ball soup that she served on the Jewish holidays. The marinara sauce you learned how to make with your father. Grilling burgers in the summer with your friends. Lucky Charms every now and then as a treat. Maple syrup on snow. Chocolate with a spoonful of peanut butter, preferably consumed standing in close proximity to the open jar of peanut butter…just in case you need one more scoop. The power of food can turn a single meal into an annual tradition. I want to be a part of those stories for as many people as possible.

When so much feels unsettled and disparate, and there are too few ‘safe’ topics to discuss, food can be the universal connector. Sure, some people are gluten-free, some are kosher, and we all have our interesting idiosyncrasies that may or may not involve mayonnaise. Regardless of the diet or belief system, food is a part of each of our lives. Parents can bond with a grumpy teenager if they serve chocolate cream pie for dessert. Trust me. I’ve tried it and it actually works. The humble chocolate chip cookie can perk up anyone’s day.

What I love about what I do is that not only do I get to create desserts that people bring into their homes, I am treated to hearing about their experiences. My linzer heart cookies have been used as wedding favors, as thank you gifts for teachers, and as one family’s go-to treat for birthday breakfasts. They have cheered up a boy who broke his arm, they have comforted people during times of loss, and they have elicited childhood memories of cookies a grandparent used to bake years ago. I have even had one customer confess that she has resorted to hiding her linzer heart cookies from her family by tucking the bags between her undies and bras.

My business is to make amazing baked goods. My goal, however, is to create an impact and participate in an experience that turns into a memory and a lasting family tradition, one cookie at a time.

Many thanks to everyone who has taken a moment out of their day to let me know how something from Bisousweet has impacted their day. These are the changes I crave and which keep my cup full.



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