Rules of the Show

I went to my very first trade show as a vendor last week, and I came up with a handy list of ‘trade show rules’.

Rule #1: Know how to get to the show.

Rule #2: Do not wear heels…they are evil. Pretending to be tall by wearing uncomfortable heels does not actually make you a better sales person. Actually, all it makes you is uncomfortable.

Rule #3: Well-applied makeup done at 5am is over-rated…especially at 5pm.

Rule #4: Spanx should be illegal at all trade shows

Rule #5: All venues should offer a private rest room for women to use to peel themselves out of their spanx when they break rule #4.

Rule #6: Lip balm, water (or diet coke…same thing) & gum are vital.

Rule #7: Always travel with your cell phone charger…I’d like to know what cell battery can outlast the length of a trade show day.

Rule #8: Compliment other vendors on their booths…play nice.

Rule #9: Carry a spare stick of deodorant. Just in case.

Rule #10: Never ever forget rule #4. My ribs are still recovering from 6 hours of spanx hell.

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