Nineteen years ago today, a wee little boy was handed to me, his stocking cap tied with a green ribbon. His calm, even-keeled personality was apparent from the beginning as was his appetite for sports, music and food. Give the kid a sippy cup, a bag of Cheerios, a drum and a ball and Sam would be good to go until the Cheerios disappeared and he needed a refill.

Sammy has always relentlessly pursued whatever captured his interest. He had his yo-yo phase, during which we probably purchased a dozen specialty yo-yo’s and he was never seen without a string attached to his hand. Can’t forget card tricks, skateboarding, sketching, fishing, heelies (remember these?), basketball, unicycling, poker, ukulele, piano, guitar, lacrosse. A quiet child who rarely stopped moving.

I just typed that ‘not much has changed now that you’re nineteen’, my fingers paused as I reflected on this comment, and then I realized that things have changed. Subtle shifts. A new interest in learning, a deeper sense of fortitude and resilience, and the confidence to pursue that which interests you. As your mother, the green ribbon that makes this gift complete is the fact that you remain humble, hard-working, compassionate & always ready for adventure.

I often think of my family & friends as fellow passengers on a Winnebago, our lives one long road trip filled with ups & downs, winding roads, breathtaking vistas and lots of pitstops to refuel the tank, body & spirit. Sammy – it’s been such a pleasure to have you with me on this ride.

Be safe, make smart decisions, and always remember to take the time to enjoy life (and keep in touch with your mum.)

Happy Birthday Slam!




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