Team Crank 2017


I wanted to introduce everyone to my PMC team, Team Crank. These are my guys, my group of brothers who patiently wait for me while I do my ‘lady-things’ when we’re on and off the the road and who keep me pedaling when the miles get tedious.

I’ve been blessed to be able to call these guys my teammates for almost a decade, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to train and ride in the PMC without this kind of support group. When we first started riding together, I only knew one person well. It was stressful to ride with strangers, and I avoided training with the group for the first year or so. I didn’t have that much time to train back then, and I knew I would slow down the pace of the group. To me, that was the worst possible thing. These guys helped me find my way onto the team and into their riding pack, and they are now my herd.

From left to right:

Greg A – aka, the beast. Greg has the most casual exterior to riding, and yet just below the surface is someone who can dust you in a second. What makes Greg unique is that he is happy to go at any pace. He knows he has the motor, and when he turns it on, he hammers the pedals and launches. The first time I did the B2VT, Greg stayed with me the whole way and was the only reason I finished. My pace for the last forty miles of the ride was averaging 4 mph. No joke. Anyone who sticks with someone who might as well be riding backwards is a true mensch.

Bill W – Team Crank’s newest member. Bill joined our team this year and is the father of our second Pedal Partner, Grant. A sweet six year old boy with a smile that could light up the whole room, Grant is fighting T-Cell Acute Lymphoma Leukemia (T-ALL), which is rarer and requires more intensive treatment than the more common type of Leukemia (ALL). We’re all looking forward to rolling into the Pedal Partner stop and watching as Bill meets up with his son and the rest of his family. I get emotional just thinking about the meaning of this ride for Bill and his entire family.

Mark B – aka Marky Mark. Mark was the captain of Team Crank for the past five years and did an amazing job keeping us organized. This year, Mark worked hard to get the matching grant for our team that is giving every dollar up to $50,000 double it’s fundraising power. A true competitor on the road, Mark keeps us moving forward, both on and off the road. Team Crank would not be what it is without all of the work Mark has done over the years to keep us moving in the right direction.

Peter M – If the Captain of the team is like a CEO, Peter is most definitely sitting on the Board of Directors. Peter has his hand in almost every decision and makes sure all logistics are covered for the team. Hemming and hawing are not in his vocabulary, which is a blessing. Every pack needs a Peter to help lead, push, and above all, to keep the conversations lively. His one-liners keep our team howling long after the rides are over.

Paul W – aka Wilson. Wilson is one of a kind. I’m cracking up right now thinking of how best to describe him. As a cyclist, he is one of the strongest riders I know. His affect never changes, regardless of whether we’re climbing ridiculous hills or we’re white knuckling it downhill in torrential rain. He just keeps going. His favorite place on the road happens to be in the middle of it, which always keeps things interesting for us, other riders and of course, cars. Wilson is patient beyond belief, resourceful and has a wicked memory, traits that come in handy all the time and make up for the occasional middle finger thrown our way by an annoyed driver.

Finally, me – aka Collins. I’m Captain this year. Team Mom, once again. I’m the teammate who has the plethora of gadgets, and am a frequent target of ridicule for ‘gear overlap’. I am also the team medic, and carry every possible pill to help prevent cramps, whether they’re leg, menstrual, or phantom. While adding power value to our peloton is not my forte, I make up for it with my snarky sense of humor and my mad emailing skills.

This weekend, please think of us and the 5,000 plus riders . 192 miles, two days, 100% of fundraising going directly to cancer research and treatment. To make a donation that will have DOUBLE the fundraising power, please click HERE.



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