The B Team

After my epic baking weekend, I woke up on Tuesday morning with a head cold. Nothing major, but the kind of cold that makes you look really pretty. It’s one thing to feel crappy. It’s another to walk into work & have your co-workers pull back in horror when they see you. Yep…I’m that kind of pretty right now. Puffy eyes with the lovely addition of dark circles around glassy eyeballs. I’ve sequestered myself to my office so that I don’t get anyone else sick, and since I’m almost always out on the floor working, it’s been a lonely week for KFC.

Because my packaging team ROCKS, they knew I was having a tough week. In a show of love, support & solidarity, they decided to rally around me by showing up in their B Team shirts.


There’s nothing quite seeing an entire department wearing their shirts & big fat smiles on their face to make a girl feel pretty damn lucky.


It’s one thing to look forward to going into work everyday, and it’s quite another to be surrounded by co-workers who feel the same way. This B Team is my home away from home, my ‘other’ family who continues to surprise me by their sincere dedication to all things Bisousweet. I honestly don’t know how I ended up so blessed.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, cold-free day surrounded by people who lift you up!

To my B Team…you guys are AWESOME.

Love, the really pretty lump sitting in the office.


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