The Whole2.5

Diet Destroyer
Diet Destroyer

I have a bit of a problem, and I think it might be my job.

As a human, I want to be healthy, and as a result, I readily give all new ‘diets’ and eating styles a go. Paleo. Three day juice cleanses. 28 day juice cleanses. Vegetarian (ok, that one didn’t last very long at all). Whole grains. No grains. No caffeine. You name it, I’ve tried it. So, when I heard about The Whole30, I quickly decided to give it a go. I borrowed the book from my good friend, read the first chapter, and without thinking twice, decided to start it the next day.

As a worker, I am surrounded by butter, sugar, chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cupcakes, cookies, buttercream, whoopie pies, whoopie pie filling, etc etc. This has been my life for so long that I am rarely phased by my surroundings or tempted by what we bake every day. Note that I said ‘rarely’, not ‘never’.

Remember The Whole30? Well, I started it on Monday. I made it through the day, and thought to myself ‘this isn’t going to be that bad.’

Tuesday was another easy day, which really surprised me. I had given up coffee because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to enjoy coffee without cream, and expected to be cranky from the lack of caffeine. I made it through Day 2 without any issues. ‘I’ve got this’.

Wednesday was almost great, until…well, until it wasn’t. It all started to go downhill when I made the filling for German Chocolate Cake. See, this filling is.just.wrong. It’s perhaps one of the most tempting things known to man, if you happen to like caramel, coconut & pecans. Sadly, I like all three.

I wasn’t tempted when I was standing next to the hot stove, cooking the filling & watching it caramelize.

I really wasn’t tempted when I stirred in the coconut or pecans.

When I pulled the filling out of the fridge and started making a cake, I had some twinges of longing, but they were minor and I ignored them.

I made it through the whole thing, and even brought some extra home. ‘For the children.’

I met friends out for dinner, made the WRONG decision to have one cocktail, and the rest is history.

If you give a dieter some alcohol, she’ll want bread.
When she finds bread, she’ll look for the butter.
The butter will make her think of work, and she’ll start to crave sugar.
When she starts craving sugar, she’ll remember the German Chocolate Cake she made.
When she thinks about the filling,  she’ll hunt for a fork.
When she finds a fork, game over.
And that’s how The Whole30 quickly turned into The Whole2.5.
I started The Whole30 again today. Day one. Nailed it.

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