There’s something new in town…

There’s something new these days at Bisousweet that hasn’t been given proper attention.


I’ll give you a hint: It’s clear with print on it.


I personally think they’re adorable.


I’m guessing you figured it out by now – the cat’s out of the bag! Our two most popular cookies, Linzer Hearts and Lemon Shortbread have new attire.

Slowly but surely, we are moving forward. It’s amazing how long it takes to take the leap from putting stickers on bags to actually ordering printed bags. We did it for our three main flavors of biscotti because we knew we were destined to sell a lot of biscotti. The cookies were another story. We sell a lot, but did we meet that un-defined volume that would make the investment in printed bags worthwhile? It’s a question that kept me up at night for a long time, until I finally pulled the plug and told Eddie ‘we’re doing this’. He designed the bags & I couldn’t be more in love with them. The buttery yellow for the lemon shortbread cookies outlined with pink scallops. The ‘B’ mark on the sides with the hearts painted blush pink or fuchsia. Every little detail makes me smile.

The goal is to keep moving in this direction with all of our products. As I said many moons ago, it’s one cookie at a time over here at Bisousweet. Nothing happens quickly, nothing happens overnight. Sometimes the bread burns and there are packaging failures (labels arriving without bar codes). These obstacles will always be there, this I know without doubt. If I had endless amounts of cash, trust me – I would personally fund the PMC and every other charity and have printed bags for every single thing I make. Until that day arrives, I will happily settle for these small victories.

One last exciting bit:


Nutritional Statements! WhoooHooooo! I receive around 4-6 emails a week asking for nutritional information for our products. The struggle is real – so many of us are trying to be healthy and wonder if there’s a place for cookies in our meal plan. Aside from the obvious answer that there is ALWAYS room for at least ONE cookie, it’s hard to figure this stuff out without the proper information. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to print nutritional statements when I make labels in-house for our products, but if we have our labels (or bags) printed? Voila! Full disclosure – we have nothing to hide.

Keep your eye our for our two new bags and feel free to send us pictures when you run across them in a store near you! Our bags are very vain, you know. They love selfies. You never know…just might be a contest in the making!


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