Three Words

I attended a business gathering last week that brought together 60 plus people. As a way of facilitating a quick and easy introduction, each of us had to share three words to help quickly give everyone a sense of who we were.

Three words. So many choices.

I scribbled some options in my notebook.

Determination. Creativity. Optimism.

One by one, people introduced themselves, and chose these words. I drew a line through the taken words and wrote new options.

Clever. Strategy. Big Picture.

Leadership. Collaborative. Cookies.

Systems. Writer. Determination.

Gratitude. Motivated. Disciplined.

Grit. Hope. Humor.

Curious. Perspective. Sugar.

Connector. Relentless. Networker.

Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Believer.

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Energetic.

There were some outliers that never made my list, (bagels being one of them), but for the most part, it was clear everyone in the room was connected by the spirit of entrepreneurship. When it was my turn, I said ‘giver, authentic, joy’, and was grateful I was able to salvage my intro with these words.

There are so many words at our disposal. Thinking of three words was fun and shifted my brain to a place where I could see opportunity and possibility. However, what I realized on my drive home from this event is that the words that run through my brain are often not the happy, inspiring ones. Rather, they’re negative and critical words that bite and leave wounds.


Failure. Fraud. Distracted.

Unproductive. Ineffective. Inefficient.

Not. Not. Not.


It can be easy to judge yourself and focus on the flaws. Mazel Tov. I suck. But now what? What purpose is served by ruminating on this?  

Big lesson gained in an unexpected forum. 

Hoping you will take a moment to think of your three words…would love to hear them. 


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