Workaholic Recovery Program

I’m not entirely sure when I realized I was a workaholic. It didn’t once occur to me when I was pregnant that perhaps I should consider reducing the number of hours I worked. Nor have I ever felt pulled toward going anywhere or doing anything without taking my laptop, briefcase & traveling file cabinet with me. I simply do not feel ‘right’ if I am not somehow doing something work-related.

For anyone out there who thinks they too might be a workaholic, here are some clear signs that you may want to join me in my recovery program:

1. You start twitching if you find yourself unable to send/receive emails.
2. You have been known to politely excuse yourself from a party & hide somewhere so that you can send a quick work-related message.
3. Scheduling a vacation & actually leaving for said vacation causes hives
4. Spontaneous days off do not happen. Ever.
5. The difference between weekdays and weekends is negligible.
6. Everything is secondary to work: food, exercise, family time, regular visits to the doctor & dentist. Therapy sessions excluded.
7. Planned time off is quickly filled in with tasks such as organizing your home office, rifling through your inbox, etc.
8. Your clothing does not change with the seasons because you are inside all the time, working.
9. Your shopping cart at amazon or the local book store is filled with time management books & industry-related reading materials.
10. Your sense of responsibilities do not necessarily include shopping for food for your family and/or cooking meals.

One of my resolutions this year was to combat my workaholic tendencies and to find more of a balance in my life. Many doubted me, especially my children. I am sad and slightly mortified to admit that in 2013, I probably cooked a total of 14 dinners for my family. And, 14 is most likely an exaggeration. My business thrived, but at the expense of much…my family’s nutritional soundness topping the list.

Here’s the good news: I have actually been able to make some progress on my resolution. While there is still a lot of room for improvement, exercise for starters, weekends really ‘off’, I am happy to say that I have been cooking dinners for my family & it’s all because of this cookbook.

I. Will. Cook.

I am on the road to recovering from being a workaholic, one dinner at a time. Thank you Williams Sonoma and Kate McMillan for making cooking dinner so much easier.

Next on the list…exercise. But, no need to rush that one, right?
baby steps, people.

baby. steps.

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