Ask, and you shall receive (and be surprised)

Have I mentioned today how much I adore my husband?


Shame on me.

For those of you who follow Bisousweet on Facebook, you may remember seeing a post last week with the cutest Corgi decorated cookies. Someone sent me the link to these cookies, and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to make them. I read the post all the way through, looking for the link to the cookie cutter.  No link. I did a search online, and was able to find the cutter on Etsy. I clicked the link, so excited to order the cutter, and then was completely deflated when I saw the  words ‘Sold Out’.

Wait…what? How can you be sold out???!!!!

I must have made a comment on my Facebook page about needing to ask Eddie to make me a Corgi cutter, and then one of my friends piped in and reminded him not to forget about our destructo-dog. (As if we could ever forget about Wilson.) Unsure whether Eddie saw the comment on Facebook, I sent him a classic Karen whiny text asking him if he could pretty pleeeeeeeese make me a Corgi cookie cutter, and like the good husband that he is, he responded – ‘of course’.

At this moment, I’m guessing you’re wondering how Eddie could possibly make a cookie cutter? Good question! The reason why he can make a cookie cutter is because yours truly just so happened to give him the best present ever a couple of years ago…his very own ‘Make your own cookie cutter’ machine. I’ll never forget the look on his face when he unwrapped his gift – it was a cross between disbelief, curiosity, humor and ‘you gotta be kiddin’ me’. Just what every husbands wants, right? Eddie and I have chuckled quite a bit over this ‘gift’, and all I have to say is that he can make a damn good cutter.

Want proof? Guess what he gave me this weekend?

corgi and lab cookie cutters


I cannot wait to get to work on these when I have some free time. How cute are these cutters?

cookie cutters and recipe

Collins…thanks for all that you do for ‘the cause’.


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