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Got Muff-Nuts?
am the [doughnut] muffin [wo]man.
I have two older brothers whom I speak to regularly. I love them both, and at different points in my life, each has gone out of his way to take care of me in a way that was most unexpected and surprising. My oldest brother Andrew is a classic oldest child…super smart, driven, on the more quiet side, serious, responsible. My middle brother Dave?  Well, suffice it to say that he’s a bit different from Andrew. Actually, he’s just different, plain & simple.

Put David in a room of strangers, and he’ll be the one with his arm casually draped over his ‘new best friend’, toasting everyone in the room and singing karaoke while making deep, meaningful eye contact with anyone looking at him, body convulsing swaying as the music moves him. He calls me most mornings when he’s not traveling overseas to offer some business gem, to check in to see how the family is doing, and just to say hi. I can always count on David to be laugh out loud funny, regardless of whether I actually end up talking to him or he just leaves a message on my phone.

Had to share the message I got today: cue, quiet creepy voice: “Sooooooo…do you really know the Doughnut Muffin Man?” click.

He’s a CEO, a business owner, a father, brother, son. He coaches me on time management, and I actually pay attention to this guy. Makes me wonder…

karen & dave

#lovemyfamily #thanksforthelaughdave


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