Dear Graduates

Dear Graduates:

Today is one of those natural moments in time when a major life event leaves its imprint on you and your family. You will sit with your classmates and share the collective energy of this day. It will seep into you and remain with you as you move forward through life. Regardless of whether you’re able to concentrate and listen to the various speakers, their words will also make their way into your soul. They will fill you up and prepare you for that glorious moment when you can officially fling your cap toward the sky.

I have always imagined graduation as an extended red light in a busy intersection. There’s movement behind you, decisions ahead of you and many different roads you can take. Yet right now, your only ‘job’ is to remain still. Take time to acknowledge the road you just journeyed and the people who traveled by your side. Fill yourself with gratitude for those who helped you map out your path, who warned you of road construction and helped you find a better route. Before the light blinks to green and you focus on what lies ahead of you, take this time to pause and revel in everything you learned and experienced leading up to this moment.

Remember your teachers: they have taught you much more than the information contained in your notebooks.

Remember your role models: note how they make you feel and pass this gift of support and faith to others in your life.

Remember your family: know this moment is as monumental for them as it is for you.

Remember your friends: you have weathered much together and will forever be connected by these shared experiences.

Remember yourself: take stock of the person who first began this journey and who you are today. Cherish the opportunity for perspective.

Many congratulations to the Class of 2018! Be safe in your celebrations!



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