The Battle of the Brownies


There are some things in life that require the utmost serious attention and respect. In my opinion, brownies fall into this category. From start to finish, brownies and blondies are perhaps the most satisfying dessert to make and to eat. No mixer required. The batter comes together so quickly – measure, stir, add a little of this & some of that, stir, done. From there it’s simply a matter of baking and finding the willpower to resist eating them until they’ve cooled down enough to ensure you don’t lose a layer or two of skin in your mouth.

I’m really easy when it comes to brownies. I love fudge brownies just as much as I love a rich, butterscotchy-flavored blondie. Nuts? Sure! (well, ok, not a huge fan of walnuts if you must know.) No nuts? Sign me up. Ice cream? Yes please!!!

In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to test different brownie or blondie recipes. I have my go-to recipes, and yet there’s this nagging thought I have when I look through any cookbook or website that says ‘maybe this one is better’. There’s only one way to find out, to-do list be damned.

This Father’s Day, Team Bisousweet is celebrating by hosting a Battle of the Brownie and I hope you’ll join in with the fun! There very well may be a give away or two…you never know. What better way to help celebrate Dad this year than with his favorite brownie. The question is this…which kind is his favorite? I’m going to highlight a different flavor every couple of days, and hope you’ll chime in to let us know which flavor you think the Dad in your life would relish the most.

See you soon in brownie land!



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