I would like to take a quick detour from the land of hearts to announce that I have entered into a new & unexpected career: drug manufacturing.

I didn’t realize that I had any potential in this area until I found myself procrastinating (shock) in blogland and found myself reading a post about loss. The emotional pain, the heartache, was palpable, and all I could think was what do you say to someone when there are truly no words that can be strung together to fully express the emotion behinds the collection of letters?

We all have our days.

Even the eternal optimists like myself have periods of darkness, fear, grief, frustration, disappointment, challenge and angst.

And then this happened in my brain:

Question: What would make me feel better if I were in her shoes?
Answer #1: Medicine to make it all better
Answer #2: A puppy.
Answer #3: Dogicillan


Honestly, could it get any better than that?

emmy & our beloved sam the dog

Have a hard day at work? Dogicillan.

little dog hanging with the big dog

Sad? Dogicillan.


Mad? Dogicillan.

Happy? Dogicillan.

i’m serious.

There is pretty much nothing else that can remedy any & every situation like a puppy.

please take me home and give me as a present to your wife.

I’m guessing my new product will be a one-hit wonder, but I’m ok with that.

Happy to share the recipe:



1 Human
1 or more Dogs

Prep workstation: Find Dog.
Gather ingredients: Chase Dog
Instructions: Hug. Hold. Squeeze. Nuzzle. Wrestle. Play Catch. Play Chase. Play Fetch. Repeat.


Let me know if you need a fix…happy to help.

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