Eddie? Do we own a screwdriver?

The excitement is building regarding the construction of the new facility. This is the week the majority of the equipment is being delivered and when items are permanently installed. The support from our customers and buyers has been tremendous – frequent questions asking about our target move date and the status of the build-out. So many people have shared their pure enthusiasm about what we’re undertaking, and…being me…I just couldn’t resist sharing exactly how un-glorious this phase really is.

I am getting into the habit of visiting the facility late afternoons to check on the progress. What I found waiting for me yesterday prompted this post.

I found boxes upon boxes of stainless steel tables waiting to be assembled.

grab your tool kit hon…

Not quite sure what these boxes contain…I’ll leave those for Eddie to figure out.

I found lockers, also waiting for a little help.

assembly required

I found two big boxes of wheels, all patiently waiting for the tables to be built so they can be attached.

I found more boxes containing presents for the roll-in oven.

And, then, I found this beautiful thing laying on its side on two pallets. The new oven.

this is beyond my skill set

I was thinking of different fun contests we could run to help us get pumped for moving, and I think when I saw all of this stuff yesterday, I was inspired. Perhaps our next contest should be ‘guess how many hours it will take to put together all of this stuff?’. Thought #2? Guess how many doughnut muffins I am willing to share for anyone who is interested and shows up to help us put this stuff together.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
(younger generation, please see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as reference for quote. Circa 1986)

Eddie? Do we own a screwdriver?

I thought this was our tool drawer


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