Employee Spotlight: Kenny

So far we’ve met Erica and Linda. Now, here’s a little about Kenny…

How did you come to work at Bisousweet? I was referred by a friend who worked in the kitchen.

What is your job here? Delivering & overseeing packaging & equipment and car maintenance.

kenny and steph at bisousweet
Kenny & his girlfriend Steph, who works in our packaging department.

What’s your poison? Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Village Pizza in Shirley.

What would be a perfect gift for you? My boss nailed it when she gave me a GoPro. I’m pretty easy and would be happy with anything – a MotoSport gift card would be awesome.

What was your favorite sweet as a child? Mini gummy burgers. I used to get them all the time when I was little from Roux’s market.

If we ran into you outside of the bakery, what would you be doing? Messing around on my dirt bike or street bike, or hanging out in my garage by my wood stove. ‘Puttin’ around in the garage.’

What’s in your music library? I listen to it all, especially when I’m on the road. My favorite is country but I listen to almost anything.

Do you have a pet?  Trooper the dog.

What’s your favorite and/or least favorite thing about working at Bisousweet? I have the best boss that I could ask for. It’s a good happy environment. I also like getting out on the road and delivering stuff. I like seeing the different stores that carry our products and meeting the people in the stores. They’re always so nice to me, and it’s fun to talk with them. My least favorite thing about the job is going into the freezer.

What is your favorite Bisousweet Product? Um ….can I say the gummy bears that used to be in Karen’s office? Chocolate cream pie. Oh yeah…and the chocolate cupcakes.

chocolate cupcakes
Did someone say chocolate cupcakes?

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