Karen gets a new pen pal!

Closeup of Patriots letterhead

The temperature is dropping here in New England, but things are heating up with the Patriots, my #1 team. We (the Pats and their fans) are in crunch time now, and I have a tightness in my chest (literally, it’s true) in anticipation of each upcoming game. This is the time of year when I seriously contemplate hiding my friends on Facebook who relentlessly vocalize how much they despise the Patriots, because it feels personal, and too nasty to see in a place I go to for a quick break from work. So far, I’m happy to say that I’ve been mature enough to remain a silent reader on Facebook, choosing to ignore any negative slings instead of engaging in warfare.  Nothing can sway my belief in this team, and on that note, I will share this short story with you:

Remember when we donated cakes and doughnut muffins for the Patriot’s Thanksgiving Dinners in a basket, and I was sweating trying to get up my guts to hand the packages of rugelach I brought for Robert Kraft to his son, Josh? Well, I’m happy to say that the story didn’t end there. Apparently, Josh did a very good job delivering ‘the goods’ to his father. And, Robert Kraft (as I had suspected) just so happens to like my rugelach.

I received a thank you note from Mr. Kraft, which is now framed and in my office.Letter from Robert Kraft

In case you can’t read it, here’s what he wrote:

Dear Ms. Collins,

Thank you so much for your “sweet treat” of rugelach and your kind note. It was so thoughtful of you to share this delectable indulgence with me and I truly appreciate your kind gesture. 

All the best to you, and have a healthy and happy holiday season. 


Robert Kraft.

Here’s what I know:

I respect and love the Patriots. As a team, your commitment to the game, to volunteering and to our community is inspiring. Win or lose, I will always be cheering for you.

I respect people who send thank you notes.  Mr. Kraft’s letter truly made my day and makes me crack a grin every time I look at it. He’s a class act, just like his team.

I like the Pat’s current letterhead, and hope that next year (if I’m ever the lucky recipient of another letter from Mr. Kraft) it will have something added to it.

Red Patriots baseball cap
Part of my daily uniform

Finally, Mr. Kraft.  If you ever are craving rugelach, you just say the word & I’ll send you some asap.


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