Employee Spotlight of the Month – Rachida!


Rachida with her boys
Rachida with her boys

There is a tiny little wonder at Bisousweet these days, and her name is Rachida. Originally from Morocco, Rachida joined the kitchen team in October, 2015, and works full-time at Bisousweet.

Rachida moved to the US in 1999 looking for work. She always loved to bake, and happily supplied her extended family with pastries whenever there was a party. Her husband saw her passion and encouraged her to start her own business. From 2005 – 2007, she ran her own bakery, Delicious Baked Goods, where she single-handedly made pastries and breads.

“I made some American pastries like chocolate chip cookies, but the majority of the items I baked were Moroccan. Moroccan desserts use a lot of almonds, almond paste and sesame seeds.”

Rachida liked owning her own bakery, but it was a lot of work. “My husband helped me when he could, but he had a second job. I had two babies at the time, and worked from 6am to 5pm seven days a week.” Laughing as she reminisced, she noted, “yes…it was pretty crazy.”

She decided to close the doors to Delicious Baked Goods when she was pregnant with her third child.

When Rachida is not baking at Bisousweet, she is busy keeping up with her three boys, Adam, Samuel and Remi. “Laundry, carpooling, Boy Scouts, cooking, homework & more laundry.”

She likes to bake at home, and she and one of her sisters who still lives in Morocco share pictures of their pastries with each other. Here are some of the  things her sister recently whipped up in Morocco:

Moroccan Pastries
Moroccan Pastries
Moroccan pastries

She is on the lookout for a good Moroccan restaurant, so if anyone has any recommendations of one in the general Boston area, please let us know!

Her favorite thing about working at Bisousweet?  “The people. Definitely. Everyone here is so nice – it’s really a special environment.”

Her favorite product to eat? “I love the linzer heart cookies, and so does my family. Oh. Wait…can I say rugelach too?”

Rachida is awesome…she is such a hard worker and keeps quiet most of the time. When she does join the chatter, she does so with a twinkle in her eye and a big grin on her face. I personally hope she decides to bake us some Moroccan treats one of these days. (hint, hint).

Thank you Rachida for everything you do at Bisousweet!



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